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Differences between working out at home vs your gym

Exercising at the gym it is one acquired taste. Some people were born for this: the classes, the music, the infinite workout options… Others are in a constant deja vu of signing up, going once and cancelling their membership after 3 months. The second group of people usually are more introspective and don’t like to have people watching them working out or are not that engaged with instructors and classes. For them, home workout might be the best way to keep their body moving.

In order to help with that choice, we listed five differences between working out at home and going to the gym that may help you find what suits you best.

Exercising at home VS going to the gym


One of the main reasons why people don’t sign up to a gym is the costs: membership, monthly payments, instructors, classes, clothing and others may be seen as a worry for those who don’t want or can’t spend money.

However, working out at home also have a few costs. It is important to have the correct equipment and clothing if you are going to DIY your home workout space.

The main difference is that by investing in your own weights, yoga mattress or other products it is a one time (and usually a lifetime) investment, with no monthly fees or membership needed.

Workout options

One of the main differences between working out at home and at a gym is the variety of types of equipment, classes and routines that you can have when going to a gym. When signing up, try to choose a place that offers a good amount of classes and machine options so your workout is different every day.

When exercising at home, try to change the routines so you don’t get stuck on the same type of exercise. It is important to mix aerobic and anaerobic exercises to get better results. If not, working out at home may be a bit boring, which leads us to the difference listed below.


Working out at home is ideal for people that are shyer or simply don’t enjoy the pep talk from gym instructors. However, it is always nice to have someone to share the struggle.

A study from Michigan State University pointed out that even a virtual partner can help you improve the results. The results showed that working out with a partner increases motivation and can double the dedication time in exercising.


Not all gyms are 24/7, which can be a hassle for people with awkward work hours. In this particular situation, working out at home is completely up to you.

However, it is important to schedule a time so your body and mind can create the habit of exercising every day. If you know that usually from 9 pm to 10 pm you are home, try to make that your workout time.

In case you prefer the gym, try different hours so you can find the best slot for your workouts, as gyms tend to be busy in the morning time and evening time. If you don’t like crowded spaces, look for the 10 am – 12 am slots or after 9 pm.


If you are just starting strength training, for example, do not think that you will rush results by going from 0 workouts to lifting a 50kg weight. Build up your body resistance until you reach your goals. That is a rule to be followed anywhere.

The difference in results on working out at home or at a gym may be a result of your routine, the exercises you make, what you eat and many other factors that are not related to your surroundings. Be committed to it wherever you chose and go for it!

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Safety first

In 2018, Elliptical Reviews published a study in relation to the main injuries that people can suffer while working out. For those who exercise at home, the most common injury is related to running. At the gym, the treadmill is also the main responsible for injuries.

So, last but not least, be careful! If you are working out at the gym or at home, it is important to know exactly what are the movements and what muscles you should be focusing so you don’t have any injury. If you chose to go to a gym, make sure you have the assistance of an instructor at least on the first few times you go so you can learn how to use the equipment and what are the ones that match your needs.

If you are working out at home, it is important to research before starting any type of exercising. Yoga, for example, looks like something easy to be made on your own but it requires the proper equipment and knowing the correct posture.

A recent study from Harvard pointed out the main safety measures for when working out and specified that the body needs 5-10 minutes to warm up and cool down properly. That is why is important to do stretching exercises. If you ever feel faint, week or pain, do not keep going _the “no pain no gain” is not a rule to be followed when it comes to physical activities!

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